About us

The sun shines on more than three hundred days a year in the Alicante Province. Tourists come here for the summer heat but it´s the winter warmth that brings hundreds of thousands of Brits to live here, imagine waking up in November, December and January to sunshine, imagine sitting on your terrace developing a winter tan and watching the sun go down over the mountains. Twelve years ago we dared to imagine and never looked back.

Alicante Sunshine Villas is a special Estate Agency, special because it´s a family business run by people who care, special because we are fluent in Spanish and English which means we can take on those properties owned by the Spanish whom other agencies avoid because of the language problems and so miss out on some amazing properties, special because we can do everything for you from finding your dream home to getting all your paperwork in order, introducing you to builders so trustworthy that they have the keys to our house, tradesmen that know their craft, architects, lawyers, notaries, bank managers, yes even them, people who we work with on a daily basis.

If you are buying we can make everything so straightforward for you taking the hassle away because we have, in our twelve years, experienced almost everything here. Our youngest partner, Ben, was schooled and went to university here and we have knowledge of living inland and on the coast that we can share with you and offer a support network second to none.

If you are selling then take advantage of our incessant advertising campaigns reaching out to buyers all over Europe.